Part 3: Introduction

Prototyping with Fab

Prototype, Test, Design and Share a Product.

Congratulations! You've just completed the second phase of Prototyping with fab. Now is time to work in group and to prototype, test, design and share a product addressing an issue identified by the United Nations through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are the steps you'll follow during the four coming weeks:

Final Exam: Jury

Don't pitch your ideas anymore, make them!
At the end of the course you will show your project to the other participants and a jury of professionals, without a pitch or presentation: your prototype will be evaluated alone with its presentation.
Peer evaluation: during this exhibition each group will evaluate the project presentation of other groups, this evaluation will be added to the professional jury's evaluation.

Working together

Working as a team is a great challenge to get used to. When you will jump into the professional world as an employee, an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you will always end up working with people with different schedules, different goals and especially different vision: know that your tutor can help you on this point.

Meanwhile, here are some basic recommendations:

  • Allocate tasks & choose a coordinator per phase to ensure the group’s progress.
  • Find an effective way to share what you are doing. Slack and Zoom are here to help you.



Your subject is "".



    Your tutor is .

    Your appointment is on .

    Be aware that although the work is collective, the evaluation will be individual !

    Working with professionals

    Every week in Part 3, your appointments are with professionals, it's a chance to discover jobs with with whom you will collaborate in your future career. It is imperative that your attitude is in line with your status as a college student.

    Here are the rules you must follow:

    Before the meetings:

    During meetings:

    Outside of meetings:


    Assiduous documentation will be the key to the success of your project!

    Here are some tips to help you document:

    • Document all along the project and keep a moment at the end of your work session to write your progress.
    • Don't forget to take pictures and gather content all along your project.
    • Make your content accessible, understandable and usable by everyone.
    • Vary the tools: you can use pictures, videos, text, drawings, diagrams, 3D files etc.
    • Prioritize and organize the elements: separate the steps in a legible way and give them clear titles.
    • Log successes and failures with the same priority, especially if you don't know the cause of the failure.

    Follow these tips carefully!

    • It will help you a lot in managing your project
    • You will be more effective in your group work
    • Your tutor will be able to help you better because he will have a better vision of your progress

    During this course you will use many resources that others have documented and shared with you, so it is a fair return to document and share in turn. Your contribution may be crucial to the progress of a project on the other side of the world!

    Start your project

    As you did for parts one and two of the course you will document your group project on Notion.

    All members of your team needs to sign up to Notion to be able to collaborate.

    Before starting working together on your project ONE MEMBER OF THE TEAM (and only one) have to duplicate the template we have created to help you document your project :

    1. Login on Notion
    2. Duplicate the following template: Group Project Documentation Template (It may take a little time, be patient!)

    3. Invite your teammates to collaborate with you thanks to their emlyon email adresses as shown in the vidéo below :

    4. Write the introduction to your document: indicate your Group Number, your names as they appears on BrightSpace and the name of your tutor.
    5. Copy the sharable link to your notion page as shown in the video below:

    6. Paste the copied link in the submit section below 👇
    7. Complete all pages as you progress through the project.

    This submission is shared: your teammates and your tutor will also see this, and you can find the submission in your Progress Overview.

    You'll be working on the same Notion document for the 4 upcoming weeks!

    Submit your work

    Before submitting, make sure you check all of the criteria below.

    Now that your documentation is duplicated and submitted, let's go prototype!