Part 1: Introduction

Prototyping with Fab

Let's make our first prototype!

In this first part of the course we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of prototyping techniques by making a first prototype on a given subject.

In order to quickly acquire the methods and skills we need, this course is designed around learning by doing. This first part of the course is focused on practice, each step will be accompanied by quizzes and/or exercises and each week will be the subject of a specific assignment as well as a class session with the teaching team.

Caution! Exercises take time, it is essential to plan the work sessions carefully.

You don't need much for prototyping, for example the study of the location of buttons on this computer mouse model is done by simply drawing them with pencil.

Source: Design Partners

Our program for this first part:

  1. Prototyping
    This short theoretical part will help us better understand what prototyping is and the major role it plays in the development of any project. We will also discover who the Makers are and learn more about what Fablabs are, these protean places where many prototypes are born.
  2. Project
    Once prototyping will have no secret for us, it will be up to us to play, we will follow the following steps to realize our first prototype from a given subject:
    • Quick and Dirty
      We will use the means at our disposal to make a quick prototype (PoC) and we will document our work as it is done.
    • Drawing
      Once our PoCis assembled we will represent it using the basics of drawing. Drawing is an essential tool when it comes to prototyping.
    • 2D Design and 3D Design
      With these two modules we will model and manufacture the elements in two dimensions (2D) and three dimensions (3D) that will allow us to assemble the final version of our prototype.

First things first

Before we start making our first prototype, we need to find out what prototyping is.